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Music and Mindsets: “This Is It” by Trousdale

By Willow Janson

Staff Writer

Single Cover Art – Trousdale’s “This Is It”

With the weather attempting to cool down this week, summer coming to an end, and fall slowly (but surely) approaching, I found that the song “This Is It” by Trousdale feels very appropriate for this week’s energy. Trousdale is a powerful female trio from Los Angeles, California, that exhibits influence from The Chicks, Kacey Musgraves, HAIM, and other largely successful musicians. “This Is It”, which debuted in July, has a fun, acoustic, and folksy sound to it that is so lovely, comforting, and quite pleasing to the ear. The warm harmonies, strong voices, and gentle instrumentation create such a beautiful blanket of heartfelt emotions. 

I found Trousdale earlier this year while listening to my discover weekly playlist on Spotify and fell absolutely in love with ITS sound. The lyrics in “This Is It” serve as a reminder to appreciate the smaller things in life; take everything in and really allow yourself to be fully connected and absorbed into each and every moment. For me, this song reminds me of my friends and family at home and all the memories of them embedded in my mind before moving to college. I aspire to be more present in time; I want to soak up every little moment and memory that I can and stop racing through life to get to the next big thing. By doing that, I’ll only miss the little things that make life so intricate and complex and fascinating. 

Take a walk around campus and admire these final days of summer through music and real connections. The past year and a half has been rough on everyone in a multitude of different ways, and with classes starting again recently it is quite easy to become overwhelmed and lurch full force into a downward spiral. We all need support now more than ever, and one way you can detach yourself from these suffocating emotions is by fully immersing yourself into music and letting kindness, positivity, and zen flood your mind. So today, let this be your reminder: take care of you. Listen to your mind and body and nurture them; be present in your life. Maybe give Trousdale’s “This Is It” a listen and take some time for yourself.

Spread love and take care of each other. I’ll see you next week!

Willow Janson

Willow Janson is a junior studying English: Cultures, Rhetoric, and Theory. She is from Sunbury, Ohio, which is about 30 minutes northeast of Columbus. Willow loves reading, writing, listening to, and playing music, as well as going on hikes and spending time outside. She spends a lot of her free time studying astrology and meditating with her crystals. With this blog, she hopes to introduce readers to songs and/or artists each week that they may have never heard, or resurface songs one could have forgotten about, as well as encourage healthy, optimistic mindsets.

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