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Music and Mindsets: “Fine Line” by Harry Styles

By Willow Janson

Staff Writer

Album Cover Art – “Fine Line” by Harry Styles

The beautiful, orchestral track, “Fine Line”, in which Harry Styles’ second studio album is named after, is a phenomenal piece exploring the emotions and anxieties of love and life. The song consists of heavy lyrics, chilling harmonies, and acoustic guitar, building with drums, piano, and trumpets as the song flows into a soft ending, gracefully bringing this heartfelt album of gold to a close. 

I’ve been a fan of Styles since his One Direction days, and his solo albums have only emphasized my adoration for him. I recall listening to this album for the first time in 2019 and being completely mesmerized by not only the sincere, raw lyrics on love and heartbreak, but also the beautiful instrumentals, production, and flow of the album. 

I was recently fortunate enough to see Styles in concert, where before performing “Fine Line”, he told the crowd to remember this song in light of the times we are living in now, and to tell the people we love that we love them, and even people we don’t know that we love them. “Just love; love, love everyone around you” Styles exclaimed. 

“Fine Line” ends with a comforting, repetitive chorus of the line “we’ll be alright,” which, even though it may sound simple, is so necessary and refreshing to hear and remind ourselves that we will be alright; we will be OK. Styles creates such an intimate connection with listeners by saying “we’ll be alright;” all of us, no matter what. 

Remind those around you that you care for them, and remember to take care of yourself as well. As humans, we can get so caught up in thinking that our current situations will last forever. We will lose ourselves in our stress and anxieties in such a way that it is essential to take time to ground ourselves in the comfort of knowing that everything will be OK. When we take a look back at life’s flashing memories in a film reel, they’ll be golden. 

Spread love and take care of each other. I’ll see you next week!

Willow Janson

Willow Janson is a junior studying English: Cultures, Rhetoric, and Theory. She is from Sunbury, Ohio, which is about 30 minutes northeast of Columbus. Willow loves reading, writing, listening to, and playing music, as well as going on hikes and spending time outside. She spends a lot of her free time studying astrology and meditating with her crystals. With this blog, she hopes to introduce readers to songs and/or artists each week that they may have never heard, or resurface songs one could have forgotten about, as well as encourage healthy, optimistic mindsets.

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