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Molded For You, By You

Photos By: Madeline Melragon

The season of warm tones is among us. A great way to bring autumnal colors into any look is by adding a statement earring. Earrings are an amazing way to show off personality with any outfit. With these customizable, air-dry clay earrings, you can make them as intricate or as simple as desired. The more thought put into the colors and design, the more personalized they are to the individual.

Materials Needed:

  • Wax paper
  • Air-dry polymer clay
  • Rolling pin
  • Knife
  • Eye pins/Earring backings
  • Earring blanks
  • Acrylic paint (optional)
  • Clear coat finish

Step One: Lay down the wax paper onto a flat surface. Roll out a thin layer of clay using the rolling pin or your hand. The thinner the clay layer, the quicker it will dry. Do not make it too thin or it will become brittle and break – find a balance.

Step Two: Use the knife to cut the desired shape out from the clay. Take your time; if the clay gets too dry, add some water to make it less brittle. If you mess up, there is no shame in clumping the clay together and starting over back at step one.

Step Three: Slowly insert the eye pin into earring or glue the earring backing onto the earring – whatever style . Make the pin as parallel to the earring as possible or the backing as centered as possible. Let the earrings dry according to clay instructions. 

Step Four (optional): Paint dry earrings with acrylic paint to desired design. This is the time to  have fun with it! Add polka dots or intricate images. 

Step Five: Seal with clear coat and leave to dry again on the wax paper. 

Step Six: Attach earring blanks and enjoy.

It is really that easy! In five quick steps, you have created something beautiful! Show off your earrings with an updo and a plain sweater, or color-coordinate a whole outfit around them. They are the ideal accessory for apple picking or sipping cider with friends.

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