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Modern Hollywood Halloween Fashion

Throughout fall I am often seen wearing oversized bell-sleeve sweaters, ripped jeans, and tan boots. However, for today’s blog, I won’t go into detail about each of my favorite fall pieces – I will save that for another post. Instead, since Halloween is coming up, I am going to dive a little deeper into some of my favorite Halloween movies. More specifically, I am going to challenge myself to stray away from my familiar sweaters so that I can recreate outfits based on iconic Halloween characters. 

Many characters in Halloween or thriller movies have normal people with everyday looks – unless you focus on animated movies such as Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” or “The Corpse Bride.” Here are some recreations of a few iconic Halloween-themed movies and shows.

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To start off a little tamer, Jamie Lee Curtis offered a subtle yet fashionable ’90s look in the 2018 reprise of “Halloween.” In order to recreate this, I combined my dad’s old button-down shirt with a pair of black ripped jeans. This look can be completed by tying the ends of the button-down shirt to accentuate your figure. Much like Jamie Lee Curtis sprinting to kill Michael Meyers, we, as college students, must sprint across campus to our classes, so a simple pair of tennis shoes will work for this look.

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If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, Carolyn Jones’s outfit as Morticia Addams provides an ideal outlet for your darker side. This beautiful black dress and black thrifted jacket make a flawless combination to recreate Morticias’s iconic long, black dress. Slip on a pair of Doc Martens, and this outfit reaches perfection.

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Finally, to channel the animated side of Halloween, Tim Burton’s “The Corpse Bride,” offers a stylish yet darker look into Halloween fashion. Emily wears a long white wedding dress in the animated movie. Although it may be odd to wear a wedding dress around campus, a cream-colored sundress, black jacket, and Doc Martens will make this look more subtle. 

Hopefully, these looks brought inspiration into your wardrobe and allowed you to see that fashion can be pulled from just about anywhere!

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