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Mixing Fall Colors

Happy mid-October!

This week I played around with fall colors – reds, yellows, browns, navy – more specifically oranges, blacks, olives, and magentas. In my experience, the darker the shade, the better when it comes to the fall season. Want to work a yellow? Go for it! However, I would lean towards a mustard or misted yellow over a lemon yellow.

I chose to style two outfits, both with completely different characteristics to them. However, they both carry the fall vibes  considering they both mix contrasting colors in the outfit.

The first outfit focuses on the dark orange and black mix of fall colors, which gives off a Halloween vibe without shoving the holiday in your face. I am always one for black clothing during any season, but adding the orange color gives off that fall vibe I am desperately wanting right now. The darkness of the black highlights the high intensity of the orange, which is why this color combination works. The choker I paired with this outfit helps with the Halloween display because of the energetic and uniqueness of the style. The white and black color scheme also highlights the outfit without taking away from the focus of fall color.

The second outfit I styled has a mixture of colors but follows a color theme: olive and magenta. I especially love this color combination because I think the two colors compliment each other well enough without over shadowing. These colors praise and highlight one another instead of drowning each other out. This outfit flows because it is connected from head to toe. The magenta is incorporated in the shoes that match the cardigan which is, again, is complimented by the olive top. I was able to pair black jeans with this outfit since the color scheme has darker hues. The gun-metal jewelry addition also helps connect the black jeans into the outfit despite the color hues also being there.

So there you have it; my take on mixing fall colors. I had a lot of fun experimenting, and I honestly think that mixing these seasonal colors will make your outfit more trendy and vibrant.


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