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Minimalism and Holidays

I thought about writing about holiday clutter before Christmas break started, since it is such a hot topic that time of year. It’s a common time for stuff to accumulate, whether it be unwanted presents, wrapping supplies, ornaments or decorations. While personally, I did a quick edit of my belongings before going back to school, I know that I’m not the norm.

Currently, I’m prepping for a Galentine’s Day bash and the shopping involved is reminding me of that same sense of holiday clutter. It’s fun to have all of the decor and the more “chintzy” things during the season, but there are some things that stand the test of time and some things that get tucked away in a dark corner, never to be seen until a future decluttering.

While it is totally okay to not think about minimalizing during the season, there are a few simple things that can be simplified:

  1. Decorations – We’ve all done it. The Target dollar section calls to us and tells us we need all of the seasonal decor we can carry in our cart, and we listen. After the end of every season, take note of what you think will last and stay trendy until next season. If you find yourself avoiding a particular ornament or sign, donate it or give it away! Only hold on to and buy what you need to make you feel festive.
  2. Presents – Maybe not the ones from this year, but some things can pile up over time. For example, I know for a fact a dear member of my family has a huge set of harmonicas he hasn’t touched since he first got them. If there is something you aren’t using anymore, it’s always time to move on and use it to bring joy to someone else! It can be hard removing the sentimental gift feeling from an object, but remember that the gift is not the person – you can still cherish the sentiment of the gift without physically having it!
  3. Candy/Misc – yes, I know this is an odd category, but it needs to be said! I still have friends who have candy canes floating around their houses and it never ceases to baffle me. Holiday candy should not hang around for more than two weeks after the holiday. Same goes for baked goods and other foods you may have sitting around your house in cups! It’s about cleanliness and about lowering your stress levels – and it’s a solid step in shaking the post holiday funk.
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