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Midi Skirts: Keep shopping or start dropping?

By Abby Blose

Staff Writer

From the 1940s to 2021, the midi skirt has had its highs and lows. Throughout history, different hemlines have risen, slits found popularity, and funky-patterned midis made their debut. Midi skirts in the ’60s and ’70s typically displayed an A-line design for the sake of modesty. However, what we see today puts a twist on the classic style. 

It seems that now more than ever, the mid-length skirt has made a come-back with the rise of Y2K fashion; this specific style is flowy and straight-lined. As suggested by the name, the midi skirt lies between the category of a mini and maxi skirt. Customers can choose from bright patterns and slits, and silk and ruffles, among so many other skirt styles. 

The midi skirt can be casual or elegant. For a casual look, pair with chunky boots and a baby tee or a sweater! Another casual trend is a midi skirt paired with a band T-shirt. For a more elegant look, heels and a flowy blouse will do the trick. No matter how someone chooses to style a midi skirt, they remain flattering and complement any outfit. 

One of the best places to find a unique midi is at a thrift store. I have found some of my favorite skirts by chance as I browsed the aisles of Goodwill. Of course, midis are available at nearly every trendy clothing shop, but the most sustainable way of shopping for them is by seeking second hand. 

So, the question remains: keep shopping or start dropping? To me the answer is obvious: keep shopping! Midi skirts are comfortable, stylish, and have a unique sense of versatility when it comes to styling options. Next time you’re at your favorite thrift store, browse the skirt aisle and try out a midi! I can promise, it’ll become a new closet favorite!

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