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Meals for Daaaaays!

Eating well is essential to feeling well. As we burrow into the winter weather, I find myself growing much more sluggish and sleepy, and it can be hard to take the initiative to really take care of myself, especially when it comes to eating enough and eating enough good food (i.e. NOT too many bean burritos from Taco Bell).

But meal prep is one of the easiest ways to take care of yourself, especially toward the end of a harrowing semester. Saving your money by avoiding eating out can be as easy as collecting staples like rice and meat substitutes and stocking up. This meal is one that is easy to make in little time, and it’ll keep you stocked up on dinner for a few nights. Although I do love cooking, I’ve been doing a bit of Meal Kit comparison recently. If you don’t like grocery shopping, a meal kit subscription would be ideal for you. I haven’t signed up for any subscriptions yet, but I know it would make my life much easier!

Today I’m making a BBQ rice bowl, but this recipe is really fun because it’s super malleable. Use the BBQ recipe to make veggie-friendly sloppy Joes, add jalapeƱos, stir it up and put it in crunchy tacos, or eat it on top of a potato. The possibilities are endless! I know that not everyone enjoys cooking and meal prep, which is why companies like Key to Food in London are so popular. If you don’t like meal prepping, check them out!

I’ve kept the recipe as simple as possible, so there’s more room to add ingredients of your own and experiment!

What You Need:

White rice

Morningstar Beef* Crumbles

BBQ sauce of your choice (I went for Sweet Onion BBQ from Wings Over)

Sharp cheddar cheese (OR nutritional yeast)

Portabello mushrooms

Pepper, chili powder

How to:

  1. In one pot, get your rice cooking. I’m lazy and busy, so I use Minute Rice (who can beat that 10-minute prep time?!)
  2. In a skillet, start cooking your crumbles with 1/4 cup of water. Cover for the first few minutes, then remove the cover. As you cook the crumbles, add BBQ to img_8979taste. I used about 1/2 cup of BBQ for half a package of crumbles.
  3. As it starts to cook through, turn your heat to just below medium. At this point, I like to add my chopped portabellos, a pinch of pepper and a pinch of chili powder.
  4. When both halves of the dish are cooked through, pile a bowl full of tasty, savory goodness. I like to go rice first, a little cheese, BBQ next and a healthy sprinkle of cheese on top to seal the deal.

Don’t forget to invest in some lunch boxes to keep your tasty creation safe! If you need some new food storage tubs, you might want to take a look at these stainless steel lunch box reviews for work. The result is super filling, so I usually get two to three meals out of this prep. Curl up in a good sweater and fill up for hibernation.

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