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Why Denim Jackets Are Making Their Way Back into My Closet

Denim jackets are just one of those items. The article of clothing that most people have owned but tend to shove into storage whenever the trend begins to lose popularity. Whenever it’s out of style, the jacket remains hidden – but saved because it’s a reoccurring style item. They look even more stylish with the biker patches. You can find embroidered patches for sale at

For me, jean jackets used to give me flashbacks to early elementary school where my mom would shove me into a bedazzled one, preaching that I would need it when it got cold during recess.

Fast forward 12+ years and I sometimes wish I still had that jacket (if it was adult sized and wasn’t covered in plastic jewels). The 90s-2000s style has been back for a while now and it doesn’t look like the trend will be leaving anytime soon. The jean jacket has proven time and time again that it’s a reliable item that deserves more than just its five minutes (or few months) of fame every few years. Wanting to wrap up a bit warmer? Check out these trendy sweaters, the range of sweaters and jackets there will be something that catches everyone’s eye.

Check out why a trend item as old as me is making its way back into my closet.

1. It’s a basic item- with a twist.
Denim jackets are versatile. Just as jeans and white tee shirts are clothing items that you need to put any basic look together, the jean jacket is similar. Although they aren’t necessarily unique, these jackets are different than the former items I listed because they are not as popular.
2. It can be dressed up or down.
Throw a jean jacket over leggings and a fun tee shirt for a casual look or dress it up with a romper. This is also perfect for transitioning seasons when the temperature fluctuates from hot to cold within a week.
3. It can be an accessory.
One of my favorite looks is tying a jacket/flannel/sweater/etc. around your waist. This is a favorite mainly because I get cold easily and I usually am in need of another layer – but the look really can make a basic outfit more interesting. The denim can break up a solid pattern if you’re wearing a dress or a romper, or can just add another texture if you have a casual look with pants and a shirt. If you’re after a new shirt to add to your wardrobe, you could consider buying one with a custom fit – view it over on the String King website to see what options are available.
4. It can become an instant DIY project
Though I’m personally a fan of the plain look, jean jackets can easily become a craft to work on. Cut out some shapes, bleach it, add some patches – it’s super easy to customize it to fit your unique style.
5. It’s fashionable and comfortable
Lazy girls, unite! I’m all about comfort, but still want to look good doing it. Jean jackets look put-together, but are still super comfortable given their oversized wear and soft denim (no skinny jean material here!).
6. It’s wearable in (almost) all seasons.
Happy Ohio spring! For those of you in the South, this may not apply, but for fellow Northerners, denim jackets can become your best friend. The fabric is heavy enough to wear underneath winter coats during the chilly months, but are still thin enough to keep you warm during the spring or summer nights.
7. I like it.
Here’s the most biased opinion. I love jean jackets. I think the look is cute and perfectly represents the fun, rebellious fashion trends of the 90s. No matter how you chose to wear it, you can’t go wrong with this article of clothing. Fashion is all about expressing yourself through what you wear, so don’t be afraid to rock whatever you feel most comfortable in!

So there you have it! Though many of us were probably too young to remember the 90s, there’s no harm in dressing to the era. Slip into a jean jacket, throw your hair into a scrunchie and put a choker around your neck. It may be 2017, but we’ll party like it’s the 90s until the next decade of trends rolls around.

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