Local Spotlight: Little Fish Brewing and The Cajun Clucker

I was lucky enough this year to catch my dad on a weekend where things back home were calm enough for him to come down and spend Dad’s Weekend in Athens! I come from a long line of foodies, and my dad is no exception to that rule. Since I’ve become a college student, he and my mom have been introducing me to good food and good beer. I’m starting to become a bit of a snob when it comes to craft beers, and I’m discovering what my tastes are the more I try.

So naturally, this weekend my dad and I had to stop by Little Fish Brewing while he was in town. Little Fish is a locally sourced world-class brewing facility and bar. They make their beers with Ohio-grown ingredients whenever they can and are dedicated to growing the local economy with their business.


The other feature of the day was the food from The Cajun Clucker, a local food truck serving Cajun food. Their menu is extensive, including many vegan and vegetarian options as well as “odd” regional foods, like alligator. It was a catered event, so we got to try a little of all of it!


The Beer


The menu at the brewery is an eclectic, ever-changing mix of flavors, methods, and grains. We had a “taster” of a few of them, but I want to highlight my favorite two.


Lil’ Harvey’s Milk Stout

I am a huge fan of nitro cold brew, and this beer is a great blend of cold brew taste and creamy texture. It was one of the darker beers of the day and is one of the very few beers that they constantly have on tap, so it can become a long-term favorite!



In total contrast to the milk stout, this was one of the more out there brews. It’s based on a German Berliner weisse but isn’t made with hops. It has another one of my favorite things, gunpowder green tea, and lemongrass, so it makes for a tart but balanced sour beer.


The Food


The Cajun Clucker, like I said, has a crazy full menu. Everything I tried was delicious, but I had a few favorites.


Breaded Alligator

For my first-time alligator experience, I couldn’t have been happier. It was an odd texture, obviously, but the remoulade sauce and the breading added so much flavor to the chewy meat. I would recommend for the adventurous!


Dirty Rice

Words cannot describe how much I loved the dirty rice. It was so well seasoned and spicy; I can honestly say it was the best food I’ve tried in Athens. Some of the people I was with did say they thought the spice was too much for them, but I thought it was perfectly spicy and chock full of great ingredients like jalapenos for a natural spice.



The perfect end to a perfect meal, their fluffy and sugary donuts are a delight. They are almost too delicate to be fried, and I think I ate a whole tray of them before I realized what I was doing!