Local Spotlight: Ginger Asian Kitchen

I’ve been holding myself back from writing about Ginger for a while now. It’s probably my favorite restaurant in Athens, but I also know it’s a mainstay for a lot of people. Or so I thought until I started meeting sophomores who had never had a bowl or tried sushi from the Court Street staple. If you are one of those people, this is the article for you!

According to their website “Ginger Asian Kitchen is a cornerstone in the Athens community and has been recognized for its outstanding Chinese cuisine, excellent service, and friendly staff.” All of that is true, and their dedication to making the food and the experience great is the reason it’s become one of my favorites.


Their menu is fairly extensive, including items from sushi to hotpot soups. They even have a downstairs market that has a crazy variety of snack foods and bulk products. But by far the most popular item they carry are their bowls. Customizable, filling and a great value, their bowls are very clearly the best deal on the menu. For my spotlight, I wanted to review their bowls in particular.

My bowl order is not super creative or “healthy”; it usually consists of lo mein noodles, grilled chicken, a double scoop of potatoes, with bibimbap sauce. So, in order to get a wider range of bowl ideas, I polled my friends to see what they usually get in their bowls and asked them why they get what they get or why they choose ginger.



“I get low mein, grilled chicken, and an assortment of veggies. I like Ginger cause it’s customizable. Sometimes I don’t like all the ingredients of Chinese dishes, so getting to choose exactly what I want is perfect.” – Paige


“I get white rice cheese carrots yum sauce & salmon! I get it because I’m picky but there’s enough flavor & stuff I like that it’s not boring or plain.” – Michaela


“Brown rice, broccoli, extra beans, tomato, carrots, spinach, yum yum sauce, no meat. Also, it’s my go-to b/c I just love everything in it. I sometimes get onions in exchange for the carrots. I just enjoy every flavor and ginger is my favorite place on court.” – Madison


“Low mien, hibachi chicken, General Tso’s, lettuce, and carrots! I love ginger because not only can you pick exactly what you want but at least for me one bowl is two meals.” –Brittany


“I get fried rice, chicken with either teriyaki or general tsos, broccoli, green beans, and cheese! I sometimes will get the lo-mien instead of rice, but usually rice. It’s my go to because it’s just good and that’s basically all I like of the options.” –Stephanie


“Half rice, Half lo mein, green beans, broccoli, kung pao chicken, yum yum sauce, carrot, spinach, and lettuce. It’s my go to because I can get exactly what I prefer, it’s affordable, I always have leftovers, and I can’t get anything like it in my hometown.” -Megan