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Liven Your Life

Recently, some friends helped me find a great way to jump-start spring and I would love to share that with you! Like I mentioned in the blog a few weeks ago, one way to cure end-of-winter cabin fever is to pick up a new hobby. I personally discovered a new love for growing and maintaining indoor plants. After a much needed trip to Columbus, I picked up two of the cutest little leafy shade plants and brought them back to liven up my dorm in Athens.  

Here are a few reasons why I think this is a great way to jump start spring. First of all, you’re giving yourself some responsibility. Many people argue that they lack a green thumb and can’t keep anything alive. Let me tell you, that is so false. Some house plants are super easy to take care of. Once you do some simple research, you can find what types of plants suits your home, and your capabilities and you go from there. Second, it allows you to appreciate the beauty of creation. This may sound corny or very simple, but there is a beauty in the life around us. My little plants remind me that there is a whole, full green Earth that needs our care, protection, and ultimately, our change. It’s so important to value the vastness of our planet. Lastly, taking care of a few plants allows for us to take our minds off of the stresses of life. Soon, I will be repotting my plants into some fun pottery to bring some character into my room and I’m so excited for this sweet–yet simple–change. As minor as it may seem, a plant can be a super fun and cute way to bring some spring into our lives while we bear the cold. I hope this inspires you to liven up your life like it has mine!

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