Lipstick: A Girl’s Favorite Accessory



Lipstick. It’s one of the best accessories a girl can wear. The different shades and tones can change a whole look. A lot of people think they cannot pull off lipstick but I am convinced there is a color out there for everyone!


Some people are not into bright colors, while some think they’re the only colors they can pull off. One of my personal favorites is Flat Out Fabulous by MAC. It is such a bright yet subtle pink and looks good on anyone! My friend and I both have it and she is blonde while I have brunette hair but it compliments both of us so well.


One color many people think they can’t pull off is red. What people don’t know is there are many different types/shades of red. There are darks, lights, blue undertones, orange undertones, and many more. If you have a fair skin complexion I would go with a cool (blue-red) tone. If you have darker hair but a lighter skin tone pinkish-red would look amazing. Red hair goes great with an orange-red lip. Please please please do not be afraid to try red!! But hey if you try it and it’s truly not your color, nude is always the answer!