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Lettuce is in! And We’re Here to Tell You About it.

Coming from Cincinnati and Atlanta, the culture shock that hit us when we stepped foot on campus was like getting hit with a head of lettuce. Literally.

Lettuce (aka long hair on men) is in, and we are here to tell you about it! But how are we supposed to tell you about it you may ask? Well it wasn’t hard to find two qualified men to answer our pondering questions. Who knows, maybe after this you’ll want to grow your hair out too. 

Our short interview with Dylan and Dewy consisted of these few questions, helping us understand a little bit more about the lettuce-head culture.


Dylan told us that he chose to grow his hair out because he went to a Catholic high school where it was against the rules to have long hair. Once out of high school, Dylan was able to embrace the look he wanted to.

The reactions that Dylan gets about his hair are mostly positive, he said. He told us that once a lady sitting behind him on an airplane even caught him after a flight only to tell him that he has nice hair. Contrarily, his sister doesn’t approve because she thinks it looks feminine.

When we asked Dylan about why he believes many guys don’t choose to have long hair, he mentioned that he thinks it has a lot to do with stigmas and societal judgement. He says many people may associate long hair with being “punk,” but he still likes it nonetheless.


Dewy told us that he chose to grow his hair out simply because he likes the way it looks.

The reactions that Dewy gets about his hair are also mostly positive, though I [Emma] was with him once on Court Street when someone yelled at him to get a hair cut. Other times, Dewy says that he does get compliments from strangers saying they like it and they think it’s cool.

Along with Dylan, Dewy also believes that it’s possible some men choose to have short hair simply because they’re scared to grow it out.

We hope you take Dylan and Dewy’s words into consideration! It doesn’t hurt to try lettuce, it is college you know.

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