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Learning From a Daffodil

When I was growing up, each year there would come a time when the sun would begin to feel warm again and the grass crept up from the dirt, decorating my front yard in green. This meant it was gardening season. Each year my mom and I would gather all of the necessary tools and make our way outside. We would plant all sorts of flowers, but my favorites were the daffodils. 

Daffodils are grown from bulbs that you plant into the ground, and they return each year. While kneeling in the soil, feeling the warm sun and gentle breeze kiss out backs, my mom and I made deep holes in the soft soil, planted the bulbs, and nurtured them with water. Once planted, daffodils extend their long green necks up toward the sun as their yellow petals laugh amidst a similar spring breeze that they were once planted in. 

Consistency is something that many people normally yearn for, and they fear inconsistency. However, in the current conditions of all of our lives, each day begins to feel a little bit more like we’re in the movie “Groundhog Day.” I can say for myself that some inconsistency can be nice. Waking up and not knowing who you’ll run into that day or what you’ll end up doing that night can be refreshing. But we must learn from the daffodils that return each spring in the same place they were planted in all those years ago. Those yellow daffodils have always looked like they were laughing and talking to each other in my eyes. They have always flourished in that same row in the garden. Consistency has helped them thrive and come back brighter with each returning spring. Now, it’s our turn. 

Life may feel mundane and repetitive for many of us right now but that does not mean our happiness cannot still exist and we cannot continue to bloom. Nearly everything that blooms each spring has been planted in the same place for years, some from before we were born. Yet, they continue to flourish, generate flowers, and enjoy the sun. If you feel as though being housebound has put a wall up in your journey, step outside and realize that the nature that has been surrounding you for years isn’t stopping their growth, so you don’t have to either. 

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