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Le Petit Purse

Impractical or fashion-forward? Tiny bags are making an impact on the fashion community whether it likes it or not. With some only the size of a mouse, critics of the trend argue that they are practically useless due to their small size. But that isn’t stopping designers.

The most notable brand creating these bite-sized bags is Jacquemus. The company’s smallest bag for sale, the “Le Chiquito”, costs $510 for a leather bag about the size of a hand, but this isn’t even their smallest purse. Jacquemus sent models down the runway of his Fall 2019 Ready-To-Wear womenswear presentation with bags so small that they would barely fit Apple AirPods, according to the Huffington Post.

These bags might be impractical if one has quite a lot to carry, the price adding to the impracticality. But outside of everyday use, the bags have brought something new to the fashion world. 

These bags are debonair, especially when paired with a full look. Fashion influencers — like Kendall Jenner and Chiara Ferragni — have been seen sporting bags of “tiny” size, but how can the everyday fashion-lover hop on the trend?

Styling these bags as accessories to make a statement rather than as a functional item seems to be common for fashion influencers and models. One way of doing this is by constructing a monotone outfit — a set of casual beige suit pants and a blazer — with a micro bag of a vibrant color to stand out. 

For audacious dressers, a white micro bag could be the needed contrast to a colorful and multi-patterned look.

Another idea is to dress as one typically would, while strategically matching the bag and shoe colors to tie in the accessory factor of the purse.

No matter one’s personal aesthetic, the bag has a place in every wardrobe. Just maybe not ones as expensive and luxurious as the Jacquemus. More affordable options can be found on Etsy, where every purchase supports small businesses.

If these bags were viewed similar to sunglasses or jewelry, critics might understand the appeal. If their impracticality is what’s stopping those from investing in the trend, there are slightly bigger alternatives such as small crossbody bags, big enough to fit a phone and credit cards, while still smaller than the average bag.

Nonetheless, the creative possibilities for innovative outfits are endless. Are tiny bags just impractical enough to try, or will this be another trend to sit out?

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