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Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Halloween is on a Monday this year, but that doesn’t stop us students from celebrating all weekend! Since playing dress up is still one of my favorite activities, coming up with costumes for my friends and I is so satisfying.

Last year, I decided last minute that I was going to try the half-skeleton face makeup look from a YouTube tutorial. Despite the doubt that I had in myself, it turned out to be my best costume yet! This look was super simple and I found some skeleton fishnet socks at Wal-Mart and threw on a lace-up black dress that I had in my closet!

skeleton skeleton-2-283x300

On the second night, I dressed up as a biker chick. You can play around with this look in so many ways and that’s why it never gets old. I love leather jackets and bandanas, so this was right up my alley. As long as you have those two things, plus some distressed denim shorts or leather leggings, you’re set.

From there, you can play around with shirts, shoes, jewelry, and makeup. I planned on going to a thrift store to find a Harley Davidson shirt and cut it into a crop top, but I ran out of time. You could find a graphic tee to knot, a dark bralette like I used, a white or black crop top, or even a fun bodysuit!


This Halloween, I was on a strict budget and didn’t want to splurge on anything I knew I wasn’t going to wear again. Halloween can be expensive, especially if you’re purchasing a specific costume. That’s why it’s so important to try and find an outfit that can be used again. My friend actually said she had just purchased one of the cute but spooky costumes that can be found on As they’re onesies, they can be worn over and over again throughout the wintertime, ensuring that customers can get their money’s worth. Onesies are a good idea for a quick costume, and I did contemplate a few looks. Although, if I had planned ahead, I may have thought about creating my own outfits. While browsing through several guides and tutorials, I got an idea of how to make my unique costume. Unfortunately, this would take ample time and couldn’t be accomplished in a hurry. It might be a good idea to design my own fembot costume next year and plan accordingly. However, I then decided to do a couple’s costumes with my boyfriend.

I say “couple” but I’m being Garth from Wayne’s World, and my boyfriend is being Wayne. I know, you’re probably wondering why I’m being a boy, however if you saw me in the early mornings with my glasses on, you’d understand the similarity.

It should be a good time.


For this costume, I found an Aerosmith shirt from the thrift shop. I already have a flannel, boyfriend jeans, black converse and glasses. All I really have to do is tease my hair a little bit and not wear as much makeup as I normally do.

I know how time consuming & expensive coming up with a costume can get, so I thought I would share some killer makeup Halloween looks that I came across while browsing Pinterest! It doesn’t matter how simple the outfit is, as long as the makeup is done with time and effort, you’ll be a Halloween success!

vampire deer skeleton-3 pumpkin spider

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