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KonMari on a Budget

If you’ve ever read this blog, you know how much I love the KonMari method and Marie Kondo. Understandably, I was so excited to watch her show, which came out on New Year’s Day. The catharsis of watching people get rid of years of accumulated junk was inspiring and stress relieving.

My one issue with Marie Kondo is her stress on “quality,” expensive organizers. While I’m sure there is more a push from her marketing team, there is something horrifying about a set of three boxes priced at $89 dollars.

But there are so many easy alternatives to the expensive storage systems typically touted in minimalism. You can check places like Ikea, Marshalls, and the Container Store (not to mention Amazon) for deals and cheap alternatives. Here are a few of my favorites:

Marie Kondo Boxes ($89 for 3) ——–> Ikea TJENA Boxes ($2.99 each)

Marie Kondo boxes ($89 for 3)
TJENA ($2.99 each)

Urban Outfitters clothing rail ($129) ———-> Ikea MULIG ($9.99)

Urban Outfitters ($129)
Ikea ($9.99)

Joss & Main Bamboo Shoe Rack ($96) ————> Ikea MACKAPĂ„R ($17.99)

Joss and Main ($96)
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