Kettlebell Workout

So, the kettlebell is definitely a top three piece of equipment I use in the gym. You can use it for any part of the body and create your own exercises once you become more comfortable using the kettlebell. These exercises will focus on one muscle group of your body, but you’ll be getting a full-body workout simultaneously. It’s useful for beginner fitness and as a challenge to people who already have a steady fitness regime down. You’ll probably find that the kettlebell implements both strength training and cardio, which will help you leave the gym feeling accomplished!

Fit Tip: Complete three sets of each exercise and perform 10 to 12 reps.


  1. Kettlebell Swing – I suggest starting with this exercise because it’ll get your muscles warmed up and get your heart rate increasing. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, bring the kettlebell underneath your body as you squat down and then as you stand up swing the kettlebell in front of your body. Raise the kettlebell so that it’s level with your eyes.
  2. Deadlift – One of the best workouts to tone your hamstrings and glutes. With your feet shoulder-width apart, keep your back straight and bend at your hips. Keep the weight in your heels as your drive up from the squatting position.
  3. Squat and wrap around – Hold a stance in a squatting position and swing the kettlebell in between your legs and around by alternating which hand the kettlebell is in. This is a great core and glute burner.                                                                                          
  4. Squat with cross body pull up – Begin with the kettlebell in front of one foot. Squat down and reach for the kettlebell with the opposite arm of the kettlebell. As your stand up from you squat, pull the kettlebell across your body and up to your collar bone. You should feel this in your lower and upper body. Repeat on opposite side, too.                            
  5. Kettlebell Row – Slightly bend at your knees and hold one arm down with the kettlebell. Holding your stance, bend at your elbow and swing your arm back so that your upper arm is horizontal with your side. Repeat with opposite arm.