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Kate, You’re Pretty Attached to that Tablet

A few years ago now, as I sat in my photography class, I listened to my professor go on about these tablets that were available in our student check-out room. Wacom Tablets. He said they were becoming more and more of an industry standard and we should all learn to use them before we graduate. I had used the check-out room many times and had never heard of these tablets. I went back to my dorm room after class and looked them up.

I have always been very interested in new technologies. I spent an hour or more looking at all the different models and their uses. I had to learn how to use these!

I’m pretty interested in post processing, retouching, and digital compositing, making my Wacom tablet my best friend. Before I found my way to photography, I was very involved in drawing. My love for the arts in general came from drawing as a young girl, and it’s a skill I’ve pursued throughout my life. Using these tablets is the best way to combine my drawing skills and my love for photography. The possibilities seemed endless.

I use a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet. The surface is both touch and pressure sensitive. This makes using the pen on the tablet feel very natural. There are eight function keys on the left and a touch ring. The function keys and touch ring can be customized to any function you like and can vary based on the program you’re using with the tablet. They’re extremely convenient to use with your most commonly used hot keys.

Using a tablet has always been second nature to me because of past experiences with drawing and painting. It’s faster, easier, and more organic than using a mouse ever was.

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