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Judge Russo. You’ll Thank Us Later for Reading this Article.

Dewy D’Amore, a freshman at Ohio University and our fellow mod mate, is our rockstar. Describing creating music like painting a picture, Dewy taugh himself seven instruments, including guitar, piano, bass, and even mandolin. 

An alternative musician, we are enthralled to endorse such a unique sound!

Dewy’s band, Judge Russo, is without a doubt one you won’t regret listening to. The Basement’s Story is his newest album, and includes songs of multiple genres, including mellow indie and punk rock, so there’s a something for everyone to enjoy! 

Since coming to Ohio University, Dewy has banded together with friends Marvin Dotiyal and Anthony “Twan” Stanzi to carry on Judge Russo’s legacy and amplify their sound as a whole.

You can find Judge Russo’s music mainly on iTunes and Spotify, and check out his new music video for “Cops Rule” on YouTube! 

If you happen to enjoy Judge Russo’s sound and want to support his journey to musical stardom or have any business inquiries, you can contact or follow him on social media platforms below:


Instagram: judge_russo

Twitter: Judge_Russo


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