Interested in Wearing Wigs? Here Are 6 Tips to Get You Started

Hair dying and straightening used to be an obsession of mine, but it damaged my hair to the point that I had to chop it all off and start over. I chopped my hair off three times before already. I needed a hair alternative that would prevent me from falling into my old habit of dying and straightening. That’s when I entered the world of wigs.

                                                                        My first wig 

It all made sense. I could pick any color, style, texture and length of hair I wanted without the damage of actually coloring or putting heat on my hair and the regret I’d feel from cutting it. Getting started isn’t really hard, but I figured you could use some tips anyway.

My second wig

  1. Try to buy your first wig in person

    Online wig shopping is great, but if you’ve never bought a wig before, I suggest going to a beauty supply store first. You can actually see what textures you think you like and most beauty supply stores let you try on multiple wigs to see what looks best on you. There are also many different types of wigs in terms of how the hair moves on your head. Some wigs will let you part your hair any way you want and give you the ability to do different hairstyles, while others can’t and won’t. It’s best to find what you’re looking for in person so you know for sure what you want and know what to look for online.


  1. Watch a lot of Youtube videos

    There are a lot of beauty gurus who know about hair, and there are plenty who know about wigs. This is your fast track to learning about wig maintenance, how to make a cheap wig look realistic, how to create baby hairs with the wig, how to put the wig on, how to take the wig off and so on. Most YouTubers make the videos entertaining so you’ll most likely absorb all of the information you need and want to know.


  1. Learn how to cornrow your hair

    Most people can’t throw on a wig without braiding it down first, and if you plan to wear wigs pretty often you’re going to need to know how to cornrow your hair by yourself. Once again, YouTube it or if you have a friend who knows how to do it, ask them to teach you –– real friends will want to help you with your hair.


  1. Get a wig cap

    I’m mainly speaking to those who aren’t good at braiding hair or those who have thick or long hair. Get a wig cap! You can stuff all of your hair in it so your braids won’t stick out from underneath your wig. Also, if your hair is thick, the wig cap will flatten it down so your wig can actually fit over your head.


  1. Take care of your natural hair

    Just because you’re wearing a wig now doesn’t mean you can neglect your natural hair. You should wash, condition and deep condition it just as much as you did before.


  1. Take off the wig

    Cornrows take some time to do, and they don’t always look cute after you just got done wearing a wig. I understand that you don’t want to redo them or wear them out in public. It’s tempting to keep the wig on at all times, but please let your scalp breath. Take the wig off at the end of the night. Every now and then, take the cornrows out and let your hair be free.

My third wig

Wigs are a fun and easy alternative for those who are trying to avoid damaging their natural hair or want to try a new look. It’s a 10 out of 10 –– I recommend.