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In Good Fashion: Samara

By Hannah Pridemore

Staff Writer

As minimalism and eco-friendly companies are on the rise, it’s no surprise that these ideals have made their way to the handbag industry. As a token collectible item, wouldn’t it be nice to know that the bags collecting dust on the shelves when they’re out of season are going to a good cause and were ethically made?

Samara, formerly known as Be Samara, is a Canadian-based company that creates vegan luxury goods. With simplistic designs and functional features, Samara checks off all of the conscious-consumer boxes of 2020. Their goal “to create better fashion, implement more efficient supply chains and use and create more sustainable materials” is paired with a desire to create durable products that will never go out of style.

While vegan leather is essentially just plastic, Samara tries to limit its use of PVC by using water-based products and microfiber where possible. This creates fewer toxins in production. Their plan to be entirely plant-based, which seems completely possible as they just dropped a backpack completely made out of recycled plastic bottles, and have currently found luck by using apples. Uniquely made, their apple leather comes from a European factory by using the skins that are leftover from juicing companies. Apples and water bottles aren’t the only products they upcycle, though. Castor seeds, bamboo, and recycled ocean plastics in general can be found throughout their products as well.

If you’re playing Millennial Company Bingo, also mark off the “Led by Women” box. Samara prides itself in having an all-female leadership team as sisters Salima and Samara run the company with their mother in mind. And of course, they give back to the community with a portion of their profits, because why wouldn’t they? With the foundation of The Soular Backpack by Salima, children in East Africa are provided a backpack with a solar panel. This affords them the energy to do their homework with kerosene.

As the company has grown in popularity, they have also branched out and widened their product inventory. While you can still find a sensible tote, backpack, or duffel bag, they now offer so much more. Travel jewelry boxes, scarves, sunglasses, planners, and loungewear have now been added to the collections.

While they might be a stereotypical millennial company, Samara embraces the label and does good for the planet while doing it. With timeless and elegant pieces to add to any outfit, buying products from them can be done with a clear conscience.

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