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I Wish These Memes Were 'On a Break'


We all know how important the split of Brangelina is to our country. Whether you were Team Jen or not, we all watched as Brad and Angelina took on 10 years by each others sides’, and we all grew accustomed to the couple. It is no surprise that the world was stunned when the Angelina part of Brangelina got in touch with some divorce attorneys and filed for divorce. What I didn’t expect however, was the landslide of humor that emerged surrounding Brad’s ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

It has also been 10 years since Jennifer filed for divorce from Brad. If you remember, around the same time he and Angelina appeared as a family in W magazine, a media frenzy began that bifurcated the nation’s loyalty to each counterpart of the once beloved couple. This was also a big deal for America, as citizens gulped up the drama that flowed from the horrific breakup and became emotionally involved in the divorce of total strangers. I’ll admit, I was also enriched by the scandalous events that transpired in the media that year (Team Jen.)

Don’t’ get me wrong I know that divorce can be an awful thing, and I really wouldn’t want to have to deal with, and also when kids are involved it just makes things a whole lot worse. That’s when something like family law jacksonville fl has to offer gets involved. At least with Brad and Jen, they don’t have to worry about divorcing kids though, so that’s a positive.

Last week it became apparent that part of the nation is yet to put 2005’s most enticing drama behind them. Just as the news of Brad and Angelina’s breakup dropped, social media platforms unleashed a stream of vengeful, yet I will admit, hilarious memes surrounding Jennifer Aniston. The accomplished actress, who has been notably amicable toward Brad and Angelina in the past, has had a love story of her own with now-husband Justin Theroux. Clearly she just still isn’t over it, right?

Sarcasm aside, I do realize that these memes are just jokes, and I do have an appreciation for them. However, it feeds a larger issue– one that has surrounded Jen for quite some time. As humorous as they may be, these jokes reflect this idea of a scornful ex-wife who cannot get over the husband that got over her too quickly. This is the case for men and women sometimes, especially just after a divorce, but I think given the basic breakup limitations, there is no way that this idea still applies.

Divorce can be one of the most devastating times in a person’s life, and it could take a while for people to move on from their partner and to start a new life. I’m sure Brad and Angelina will have some of the best divorce lawyers, like Peters and May, (information on pricing is available here) fighting their corner to help them establish a reasonable outcome which is in the best interest of their children.

That being said, I am also intrigued to see what the details of the prenup will reveal. A high profile celebrity couple like Brad and Angelina are sure to have signed a prenuptial agreement to protect their assets and it will be interesting to see whether these details will be made public. I can imagine that the couple will already have a team of fantastic Los Angeles prenup attorneys going over the fine details of their divorce as I write this.

Anyway, what do you think Jennifer makes of this divorce?

Jen has been swarmed by media since the emergence of Rachel Green. She has been harassed by the media for being single, childless and even for bloating after a big meal. She has dealt with society’s pressures to conform in the shrillest ways possible, and now we are dragging her into another fiasco.

By making these “jokes” we are painting Jennifer Aniston as a pathetic, co-dependent woman that she is not.

The sentiment of these memes takes me back to a 1950s era, placing Jen in Sandy Olsson’s role of being “hopelessly devoted” to a man… for over 10 years. That is a role that Jen has never appeared to fill, and one that destructs all of the powerfully independent ways that she has lead our generation of women.

The memes made me chuckle, I won’t hide that simple fact. That being said, Jennifer Aniston is an accomplished actress, an admirable activist, and a fantastic role model for independent women worldwide.

I would rather see a meme that says that.

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