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There are many forms of minimalist living that cover things – what you own, what you give away, what sparks and permeates joy. But there are fewer that cover the important idea of lifestyle minimalism, methods that help you stay centered and re-evaluate what is important. Hygge is one of those methods, and it is a popular one especially in the winter.

Hygge has two main tenants; one, the feeling of hygge and two, the physical lifestyle that facilitates the feeling. The emotional side focuses on events and memories. Creating memories and being fully aware is important to the movement, but those who live hygge don’t see it as a lifestyle change. Rather, it’s a switch of consciousness that brings things into perspective.

The physical side of hygge is where the coziness comes in – making it a popular winter trend. Hygge emphasizes the importance of sentimentality and comfort, especially, and eating. Forget the quinoa bowls and green juices of other forms of minimalism and break out the rich mocha coffees, pot pie dishes, and warm desserts. Surrounding yourself with warm pillows and blankets and wearing your comfiest outfits are a must. However, it’s not something you can do alone. Hygge is about sharing and community. So grab some friends, make a cozy pillow fort, and enjoy a nice mug of cocoa.

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