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Humans of New York: The Series

Whether you love it or you hate it, we’ve all come to have an opinion on the great state of New York. Within that state, we create the most opinions of New York City. On one side, some people think that NYC is filled with callous attitudes and cold people filling the streets as they rush to and from work. Whereas others think that the streets are filled with a rather lively nature that paints the streets and the people that fill them. For me, I enjoy the vibes that NYC radiate to the rest of the world.

A new perspective into the streets of NYC is the once photography project turned into a series on Facebook is Humans of New York: The Series. It is a raw and emotional look into the average people wondering around NYC. Some episodes are humorous and some heartbreaking.

Brandon Stanton developed this idea and over the past 7 years has molded it to fit with the ever changing cultural and politically climates.

In one episode, we see a couple of men in their mid-20s dancing on the subway to earn their living. They brag about their freedom. In another scene, we see young girls checking experiences off their bucket list. From movie marathons to making a meal for a homeless person, we feel their spirit. We see a man who is unhappy with this company and his position. He threatens that he may just go inside his office and quit because he can’t handle the little control he has. Lastly, we see a man tell a story of addiction and the hold it has on him. We see his pain explaining that he doesn’t want to disappoint his mother.

Some of these clips are too difficult to watch and on the opposite end of the spectrum some are just enough to brighten your day. They are filled with wisdom and a sense of understanding above all. Whether you are watching a wacky tangent or a thoughtful response, each clip teaches you something and at the very least puts a smile on your face.

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