How to Wear Streetwear to Class

For the past years streetwear has become exponentially popular. The trend that first caught on in Tokyo and Seoul has now travelled to the fashion capitals of New York, London, Paris, and Milan. Streetwear brands like Supreme, Thrasher, and Yeezy are selling out quickly and more high fashion designers are teaming up with them for sought-after collaborations. “Streetwear is comfortable and fashionable,” says graduate student David Lee. You’ll also find that when it comes to streetwear, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a good fit. Just because an item is designer doesn’t necessarily make it any better than a non branded item. It all comes down to what you can afford and how you are able to style an outfit and see how things work together. Brands like Vessi produce footware for men and woman. They aren’t as massive as brands like Yeezy and Balenciaga, but their products can be seen as alternative versions of trainers from Yeezy or any brand that has taken inspiration from streetwear. They provide more for your money and with brands like these, you know you’ll get what you paid for, rather than getting rid of a pair of trainers just because they are not in trend anymore.

In simple words, it’s a really stylish upgrade to your trusted grey sweatpants. Want in on the trend? David tells you how he brings a little bit of the street to his classes.

  • Take inspiration

“I associate streetwear with hip-hop culture or dancers,” says David. That’s probably why streetwear designs allow ease of movement and look stylish without putting too much effort. David grew up watching hip-hop music videos so he recommends taking inspiration from them.

  • Mix and match

“Sweatpants are for everywhere,” says David. He mixes them with streetwear pieces to rock a casual look that is also stylish. Follow his advice if you have just five minutes to get ready – throw on some sweatpants with a flannel, hoodie or a jacket for an effortless outfit.

  • Add some color

David says, “Whether it’s your shoes or your hat or your socks, you should have one point in your outfit that stands out.” He suggests choosing items that you think are special or unique. He usually adds a bright hat or colorful socks.

  • Take baby steps

David suggests starting off with a few pieces and slowly incorporating more streetwear in your wardrobe. He suggests starting with hats, “Whether it’s a snapback, whether it’s a dad hat, whether it’s a beanie. Try having a variety of hats.”

To nail streetwear perfectly the trick is to have the right attitude. “You don’t want to look like you put too much effort into it,” says David. “But you want to stand out.”