How to Wear Color

We all get so used to wearing drab clothes in the gloomy winter weather, most of our wardrobe is packed with greys and blacks. With our daily uniform of leggings and sweatshirts it’s hard to play around with bright shades. But since we spent most of the year wearing the same four colors (all neighboring each other on the color wheel!) it can be hard to know how to wear color in the summer. Should you pair two totally contrasting colors? Or different shades of the same color? And what in the world is color-blocking? So, we asked Rachael Vacanti, a graduate student of journalism to tell us how exactly to wear colorful outfits. “For me the process of getting ready is different,” says Rachael. Most people with different abilities have some way of organizing their wardrobe – cutting tags or putting tape on clothes to identify them. “I usually go by the texture and how they feel,” she explains. With a wardrobe that’s packed with vibrant colors, Rachael tells us how to wear bright outfits in the summer.

Start Small

“When I think summer, I think fun and bright,” says Rachael. But most of our wardrobe is filled with black and white pieces with some brown and navy on the side. Use these items and add a small pop of color to them. Rachael wears a white skirt that’s dotted with yellow and pink floral patterns. She also keeps the shirt white but pairs it with a bold pink blazer. Go for black shoes if you want the color on your outfit to stand out.


Make it Monochrome

If you are in a hurry and don’t know what to wear, a simple monochrome outfit can make you look presentable in minutes. Just wear the same color on the top and bottom! You can play around with different shades of the same color to add some variety. Or go with the same shade for a streamlined, classic look. “In the summer I typically go for anything that is bright,” says Rachael.


Play With Pastels

Pastels are a great way to wear color without attracting too much attention to your loud outfit. Pair soft mint green (like Rachael) with neutral shades like white for the perfect summer look. Swap black shoes for a nude pair to make the outfit a little more romantic. You can also try wearing pastel hues of peach, purple, and lime. “I would keep it light,” says Rachel about which colors to pick.


Accessorize Away

Rachel’s wardrobe is filled with headbands that Blair Waldorf would approve of. But during the summer, she also experiments with necklaces and bracelets. Go for looser, lighter accessories that don’t stick too close to your skin so you’re free to move as your please. “Don’t buy anything you’re not comfortable in,” that’s the biggest fashion advice Rachael has.