How to Ball on a Budget in the Athens Pt. 2

Per tradition, we decided this week to broaden our horizons once again in the Athens community and take a trip back to our roots: thrift shopping. If you have read our first blog, we would love to update you beautiful people. We are even more broke then we were our first month of college! If you can relate, we are excited to announce that we have fallen in love with a new thrift shop that is located just on Court Street! 

Athens Underground is a two-story thrift shop located on Court Street. We fell in love with the atmosphere of the place as its retro vibe gives you a nostalgic feeling of individuality throughout the ages. We had the pleasure of conversing with the staff that works at Athens Underground, and they are the most down-to-earth, selfless souls. The first floor contains an assortment of posters and postcards, as well as costume props that are perfect for the HallOUween season!

Once traveling up the stairs, the walls are filled with vintage, vibrant clothes. Each piece is unique; not one piece is like the other. We explored the racks for what felt like hours, seeking inspiration for Halloween costumes, as well as laughing at all of the witty posters. 

Overall, this place stole our hearts when we realized they had an entire bin devoted to stripes. That is how you win my heart people, a nice striped sweater. The best time to wear a striped sweater is ALL the time. 

If you have a love and appreciation for thrifting (and you’re wallet) like we do, Athens Underground is for you! Take some friends with you and make a trip of it! And when you’re done, give your wallet a little more love and go smash a 4-for-4 from Wendy’s 🙂 Enjoy!