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How to Ball on a Budget in the Athens Area

As broke college students, it can be difficult to afford a sandwich without your bank account begging you for mercy. So, as the broke college students that we are, we have to ask ourselves, “how must one ball on a budget?”

Out of sheer boredom, yet pure curiosity, we took a spontaneous trip to “New-To-You Thrift Shoppe,” which is located in Athens. This quaint shoppe is located just off of Columbus Circle, which is a short ten minute drive from Ohio University’s campus. Inside, the store was filled from wall-to-wall with clothes, accessories, and toys.

Once we made it inside, we searched through articles of clothing ranging from children’s clothes to Halloween costumes. As we were searching, we pulled individual pieces based off of each friend’s personality. It was so nostalgic to try on different pieces and paint a picture of how the final looks will appear in our heads. The pieces have been revived! Numerous laughs were shared and we truly balled out and popped tags on a $20 budget.

Many of the pieces that are displayed in our look book were hand-picked from “New-To-You,” but we were also able to incorporate pieces from our everyday lives. We enlisted the help of our newfound friends to bring these clothes to life and bring variety to our photos. The fact that we all met two weeks ago still baffles us. 

Friendship is so sweet. We have all come from different parts of the country and fate has paired us with each other. Our hearts are so full from the amount of love and support that has been reciprocated these past two weeks, and we are optimistic of what our futures have in store for all of us. 


New-To-You Thrift Shoppe

*All photos were shot on Ohio University’s campus in South Green and at Seigfred Hall. They feature Bryce Bates, Rachel Calvis, Malie Curry, Dewy D’Amore, Emma Dengler and Sophia Englehart.

Thank you to all of our friends who helped us with this shoot. We love you all. 

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