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How I Planned My Fall Capsule Wardrobe – Part I

For the first time since becoming a minimalist, I have actually had to buy clothing to supplement my wardrobe. I knew it was bad when my mom casually mentioned that I pretty much only had black and grey shirts left in my cold weather clothing. Getting to plan a new capsule is fun and exciting, and it involves everyone’s favorite pastime: online shopping.

If you haven’t heard of them, capsule wardrobes are a great way to start off the process of living tiny. It’s a process that cuts your wardrobe down to 25-60 items, not including undergarments, gym clothes, pajamas and in some cases, t-shirts, but including all tops, bottoms, sweaters, coats, and shoes. Some people have year-round wardrobes that work for all weather, while others, like myself, rotate their wardrobe seasonally.

Before I could get around to actually buying anything though, I needed to make a plan for what I needed and what items I was still going to wear from my old capsule. I set goals for myself and made sure I didn’t go over what I actually needed. Here’s the plan that I came up with:

My goal | To make a basic capsule that works for both fall and winter with only a few adjustments, and to enhance, and bring back, the personality in my wardrobe.

Budget | $250 (I would have gone lower, but I was in the market for sweaters!)

Item budget | 15-20 new, 30 old

Inspiration | As you can tell, I really only looked at sweaters for accent pieces. Everything else I grabbed were basics I needed.

Drop in next week for the finished capsule!

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