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Home is Where Your Heart Is


It’s a liberating feeling to pack your bags and leave the place you call home in order to dive into the adventures that can only be explained in one word: college.

It’s the first time that you are truly experiencing a sense of independence. It comes with a lot of responsibility, but once the dust settles and you find the right people to lean on, that’s when the real excitement begins.

You’ll find yourself restricted by the do’s and don’ts, and prioritizing your time will become a balancing act. But on the flip side, you’re experience things you never imagined you would. Like watching your friend rollerblade down the steepest hill on campus, or gluing your gnome back together after it accidentally fell four stories out of your dorm window.

You find yourself at the crossroads of a pizza night with your friends or studying for a big exam more often than you’d like, but like I said it’s a lot of responsibility.


It’s one of the biggest steps we take in life and sometimes it’s hard for us to remain calm through it all, myself included. We all need a little bit of help adjusting, so it’s important not forget who was there before the adventure began.

Find solace in calling your family, take a bus ride home for the weekend or share a laugh with your best friend via FaceTime.

Whatever you do, always remember the wise words of Hannah Montana.

“Life’s a climb, but the view is great.”



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