Holidays Away From Home

Although, my blog is written for the average college student, my posts are typically not limited to that audience. However, a fair warning to the reader that the following post is dedicated to all those college students who’ve realized the holidays are just around the corner.

As we take on living in our homes away from home, many new skills must be acquired. For me, it was learning to efficiently clean my house, cook all of my mom’s recipes and of course, properly budget my money. After two years of spending most of my time in Athens, Ohio, stuck in a dorm room and now coming into my first year of living in a house, I’ve crossed paths with the ultimate task: decorating for the holidays.

I know for me realizing that it is almost Halloween and I’ve yet to think about putting a pumpkin outside my front door makes me a bit homesick. I’m a sucker for nostalgia. Back home, both of my parents by now have set up their decorations, and flaunting them loud and proud. I mean that’s what really rings in the season right?  Now as I look around my very plain, only slightly decorated living room it makes me miss walking into a bright and frankly, obnoxiously decorated house.

Many of us are reaching that point in the semester when deadlines start to add up and time becomes limited it is important to remember that college shouldn’t keep us from celebrating the holidays. Decorating your house is an easy way to get in the mindset of the holiday season. Whether it’s carved pumpkins around Halloween, or some twinkling lights around Christmas, even minimal decorations can make a maximum difference.

So, take some spare time and save a bit of cash to make your home away from home actually feel like yours. Even a little goes a long way, and who doesn’t want some holiday motivation to get through some of those daunting classes.


Here’s some inspiration for October through December.