Holiday Eating Tips


We’re approaching the most wonderful time of the year. Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks are right around the corner. Soon you’ll have delicious home cooked meals and be surrounded by family and friends. The holidays are notorious for people to gain a few pounds and forget their workout routine due to colder weather and the sun setting earlier in the day. But, this doesn’t need to be you! There are several ways to stay healthy and fit while enjoying all that the holiday season has to offer.


  1. Don’t save your stomach for that big holiday dinner. I’ve done this before and always end up regretting it. Eating meals throughout the day will keep you from overeating. Try to eat foods rich in fiber, such as fruit, veggies and whole grains.
  2. Add physical activity to your day after a holiday meal. It’s tradition in my family to go for a walk after our Thanksgiving meal. It helps with digestion and decreases uncomfortable cramping and bloating. Also, create a workout routine that works with your holiday schedule. Going earlier in the day will help with the lack of motivation you have towards nighttime.
  3. Before you go out to a party have a healthy and filling snack. This will help curve unhealthy and fatty foods served at the party. It’ll save you many unnecessary calories and keep you feeling well.
  4. Manage your portion size. It’s better to start out with less than more if you’re watching your calorie count. This is simple to do if you use a smaller plate!
  5. Pick which sweets you want to indulge in. The holidays call for seasonal deserts that usually only come once a year. Instead of indulging in typical foods, choose the ones you only have once a year, such as Christmas cookies and pumpkin pie.



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