Hiking for Health

I made a semi-spontaneous decision last weekend to go to Conkle’s Hollow at Hocking Hills, which happened to be just in time before the craziness of finals week began. A few of my friends asked me to go last minute and I went because it was something outdoorsy to do and I wanted to get off campus for a little bit. Much to my surprise, the hike was just what I needed to get some clarity back into my life and get some exercise and fresh air in. Don’t underestimate the power of a good hike with friends and exploring outdoors.

We walked up incline trails, up and down wooden stairs, and we had to step up onto higher platforms so we could continue on the trail. We made this effort to see the view from different cliffs. Overall, the hike was a beautiful way to get some cardio exercise in and it definitely made me feel that healthy burn in my muscles. Afterwards, you sit down and realize how exhausted your body is, but at the same time you feel rejuvenated.

There’s something about nature that brings you back into your being. Not only is a hike good for the physical body, but they’re also good for your mental and spiritual wellness. Personally, it removed unnecessary stress, worry and doubt I was having and helped me understand that I needed to let go of these things. Sitting on the top of the cliffs and being able to see for miles ahead allows you to clear your mind and get back on track to what’s most important in your life.

Hiking isn’t something most people make time to do or even think to do, but I promise it’s totally worth the physical, mental and spiritual growth. For a stretch of time you can remove yourself from your everyday routine and become immersed in nature and embrace life. It has the power to help you see more than what’s in front of you when you take the chance to climb.