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Helping You, Helping Me

Welcome back, everyone! Sometimes, the best way to help yourself is to help someone else. It can be construed as a distraction tactic, and maybe it is, but helping someone else can genuinely make you feel better. Doing something good can alleviate negative energies surrounding you. 

When you’re having a rough time mentally, it’s easy to feel like nothing will make you feel better. When that happens, we tend to be too close to our own emotions to accurately assess how to better ourselves. We spiral and any solution feels like it won’t work. So, a good way to snap your brain out of that rut is to help someone else. You can focus your energy on someone else and yet you’ll be helping yourself the whole time.

There is something to those cheesy “Pay it Forward” advertisement campaigns. Maybe it’s the one thing you’re not supposed to say, but helping people does make you feel better. Some might say that that’s a selfish thought, and maybe it is, but it’s the truth. There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging when an action makes you feel better. 

When we do something nice for someone, our brain releases endorphins. Our bodies are conditioned to make us feel happier by making someone else feel better. Whether it’s as simple as giving someone a piece of paper they dropped, complimenting their outfit, or throwing a lavish party for a dear friend, those gestures will brighten their day and your own. 

So, when your brain is in a mental slump, put your energy into helping someone else. A kind gesture for someone else makes you feel better; your brain releases chemicals to do so! Helping others helps you. Try to do something nice for someone this week if you can! See you all next time.

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