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Haute Online: Very Presidential

By Lindsay Lafferty

Staff Writer

Dark and unimaginable secrets lie behind one of the most powerful positions in American politics. Ashley Flowers’ podcast Very Presidential dives deep into some of the lives of our past presidents, from John F. Kennedy to George Washington. Flowers exposes details not always covered by the media, details that the presidents surely wanted to be kept under wraps. However, we are all humans, and it’s important to understand that the humans in these positions of power aren’t exactly innocent. Starting in August of 2020, Flowers published a new episode every Tuesday leading up until November 10, giving her audience a nice distraction from current events while still keeping the theme of a dramatic election. These episodes, detailing the shocking controversies of presidential scandals, corruption, and even murder, have listeners second-guessing everything they thought they knew about the men that used to lead the United States. So, as Flowers would say; sit back, relax, and dive deep into Very Presidential, and possibly your new favorite podcast.

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