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Haute Online: Morbid/Crime Countdown

By Jillian Craig

Section Editor

In the age of podcast popularity, Morbid: A True Crime Podcast has found its way into the top charts of true-crime podcasts. Run by sisters Alaina Urquhart-White and Ash Kelley, Morbid finds a way to explain and discuss a variety of topics from serial killers to body farms. Each week, Urquhart-White and Kelley post two episodes, but the topics of the episodes often change. Some weeks the sisters do a series on a true crime case, some weeks they cover the backstory of serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer, and some weeks they choose to do a “Mini Morbid,” when they cover a specific topic or shorter case. 

Within the past few months, the two have started to read stories sent in by listeners for episodes referred to as “Listener Tales,” which usually follow a theme. Some themes include spooky roads, stories exclusively from Australia, and even an episode dedicated to Halloween stories. What sets Morbid apart from other podcasts is the comedic and lighthearted mood that Urquhart-White and Kelley bring to difficult cases. Talking about necrophilia, sexual assault, and murder is not easy and can often be dark for most audiences. However, Urquhart-White and Kelley find a way to make the conversation lighthearted while still acknowledging the pain victims have gone through. At the end of each episode, listeners know that “fresh air is for dead people” and how to “keep it weird.”

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