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Haute Dog!

Mondo Guerra is one of my all-time favorite fashion designers. His kitschy touches, whimsical design and innovative stylings make him unforgettable and incredibly fun. If I were a notable musician or actor attending an awards show, he’s the designer I’d pick to design all of my attire. I’d probably end up on Fashion Police, but who cares anyway.

For those of you who are not long time Project Runway fans, Guerra was the Season 8 contestant who was cheated out of a well-deserved win (no offense, Gretchen Jones, Mondo just had a magic touch), but eventually won the first season of Project Runway: All Stars. In one of my favorite challenges, he designed his own printed fabric, which he used to create some amazingly constructed pants. The plus-sign pattern was his way of bravely coming out as HIV positive on television after being silent about his diagnosis for a whole decade.


I felt inspired by Guerra’s spirit and whimsy, particularly the collection from his 2013 summer show, Haute Dog. The collection was tons of fun and on the nose, and I’d kill to own some of these pieces.


No surprise here. We’re making bougie-ass hot dogs today! Haute dogs!! Get it?! These hot dogs will be served w/ sharp cheddar, pink sauce (my fave), and some greenery to match the color scheme of Mondo Guerra’s 2013 summer collection.

Grocery List:

Veggie dogs (I like SmartDogs by Lightlife (Vegan friendly))

Hot dog buns

Mayo (Veganaise works gr8 too)


Green onions or Sprouts (sunflower sprouts are best!)

A block of Sharp Cheddar cheese


Let’s get cooking:  

  1. First, prep your pink sauce. Mix a cup of mayo with about half cup of ketchup, and add 2 tsp of pepper. Mix until the sauce is pink. You can always add more ketchup to taste, but the result should be equal parts creamy, sweet and tangy.
  2. Slice your block of cheddar cheese into thin slices. Chop the green onion stalks into little chive rings, as if you were topping a loaded baked potato.
  3. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. You’ll need it nice & hot to toast your buns.
  4. Grill or sauté your veggie dogs. Grilling them gives the dogs a yummy & smoky flavor, but cooking them in a pan with a little oil makes them snappier. Smartdogs won’t take as long to cook on the stove because they aren’t frozen.
  5. That being said, about five minutes until your dogs are done, put your hot dog buns on one of the oven racks for three minutes, top side down. For the last two minutes of toasting, line the bun with your sharp cheddar cheese and place it back in the oven with the bottom of the bun on the rack to melt the cheddar.
  6.  Once you’ve removed the buns and the dogs are cooked, place the dogs in the cheesy buns. If you need to wait for the dogs but don’t want the buns to get weird, wrap the buns in tin foil while you wait.
  7.  The dog has landed in its home. I like to apply the pink sauce first, then top with a generous pinch of sunflower sprouts or green onion. The sprouts are sweeter and a little bit snappier, but the green onion is nice if you want a little bite to your dog. Add another layer of pink sauce in squiggle form for fancy presentation.
  8. Dig in!!

I’ve been inspired to hand draw an illustration of the outcome of this dish, as I was feelin’ crafty and inspired by Mondo, but I will also admit hot dogs are very hard to make pretty if you don’t have access to proper condiment dispensers. They aren’t expensive to acquire, but I don’t have any at this time in my college life, so you’ll get a little art drawn with love.

You’re welcome.

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