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Hall 420 Girls Recommended, Face Approved: Morphe Palletes!

As stated in SEVERAL of our previous blogs, we are definitely broke college students, constantly contemplating if spending six dollars on a sandwich from Jimmy John’s is actually worth it or not. As lifestyle bloggers as well, we are always looking for a good deal to recommend to you!

Morphe makeup pallets are beautiful creations that every girl should have in their everyday makeup bag. From more natural looks to looks that are out of this world, you can mix and match to your heart’s desire.

To test this theory out, Emma and I had the pleasure of doing our roommates’ eyeshadow looks, and we are very proud with how they turned out!

Morphe pallets are cheap in price (ranging from $30-40 depending on what size you get), so even broke college students can invest! They last almost forever, so they are also the ideal investment for the long run!

So, as the holiday season is around the corner, cherish the final days that you have on campus with those that mean the most to you beautiful people. At the beginning of the semester, the Hall 420 girls were all strangers, but college has gifted us with these beautiful souls. It is a never a dull moment with these beautiful girls, and for that we are nothing but grateful.

Happy Holidays everyone, stay warm. 🙂

Special shout-out to our friend Troy for taking photos!

Rachel, Sophia, and Rhiannon’s makeup by Emma

Malie and Emma’s makeup by Rachel

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