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Hair Color Wheel

As someone who has dyed her hair maybe 7 different colors in the past 2 years, one could say I have some knowledge on which hair color works when. I have had a lot of experience with dying my hair, so….

Welcome to My Hair Color Wheel [Guide]

2014-2015: Light Brunette

Light brunette is probably the closest to my natural hair color to be honest. This color is very simple and can work throughout the whole year. However, I am the type of the person who likes change (when it regards my hair), so I decided to stray from natural color – stray far.

2015: Light Brunette with Blonde highlights

If you are hesitant about dying your hair, I would start with highlights at first. At this point I was not sure what I wanted so I went with simple blonde highlights, especially since it was summer. Highlights should be brighter during the spring or summer because of the interaction your hair has with the sun; whereas highlights should be deeper in the winter.

2015: Full on BLONDE

I have always wanted to go blonde so I said “why not now?”. Surprisingly, I did not bleach my hair for this color, I just used 2 boxes of dye; honestly, not my brightest moment. However, if you have dark hair, like me, you will end up damaging your hair one way or another if you decide to go this light. Although I did really like the blonde color on myself, the upkeep was just too much to stick with. I was dying my roots every 2 weeks, which meant more damage and less money. The good thing about going blonde though was that you can easily find the perfect shampoo for it (just check out this Rinzu® HELIO system – Best for Blondes – violet shampoo – SEVEN haircare). If I was actually blonde then I think I would be more than happy, but my issue is because I actually have dark hair, and I don’t want to damage my hair further.

When dying from a darker colour, the blonde colour you get will probably be different from the box reference colour, I would imagine more of a yellowy colour. After dying my hair I had to try and then find the best shampoo to use for my new blonde curls. A friend suggested using this best purple shampoo for blonde hair as this is most likely to lighten your hair to the colour you were after originally as well as stopping your hair from drying out! If you want to go blonde as a person with darker hair, you have to have the dedication to keep up with it.

2015: Bright Red

At this point of my life, I was trying any color I could think of. When I decided I could not keep up with blonde any longer, my next choice was this intense bright red. It was very risky, and if you are not up for risks, I would not necessarily recommend this color. I actually really ended up liking this color on myself and so did all my friends. However, with the disapproval from my mom, I decided to change my color after 2 weeks. This decision was totally all me, I am an adult, I can make my own decisions (I changed my hair because of my mom).

2016: Burgundy

After my red hair, I decided to try a burgundy so I could still have a hint of red in my hair. The red made going burgundy extremely easy.

2016: Various shades of Brunette

If you choose to dye your hair bright red, just know that it will be very difficult to get rid of. The goal of my dye job after the red was to get a burgundy, which worked out fine. I, however, did not anticipate how hard it would be to get the shades of red out of my hair. So, for the longest time, I had an awkward mix of brown and red. It looked fine, but it was not what I preferred.

2016: The Chop Off

I dyed my hair a couple times to try to get the red out of my hair, not counting the previous dye jobs I had before. This left me with a full head of damaged hair. My solution was to cut it all off and start over. I have always had longer hair, so I was excited to try the shorter hair look as well as get my hair healthy again. If you plan to dye your hair (sometimes or a lot), be prepared for the consequences of damaged hair.

2017: Black

Since I cut my hair to “start over”, I decided I would not dye my hair for that next year. So during my whole sophomore year, I did not dye my hair. However, summer hit and I was getting bored of my hair. Usually, you would not want to go dark during the summer; however, by this time, I knew what I liked. I like my hair best when it is dark, so I went black. I have had black hair before so I knew I would like it and that I was able to rock it. Dark hair is my safe color; which I have learned from the amount of times I have dyed my hair.

2017 (now): Purple

Colored hair has become more and more trendy in the past year, so you could guess I was dying to try it. I decided to go a dark purple since I was heading into fall and I will say that this color is my ULTIMATE FAVORITE. If you are thinking of going blue, pink, purple, or any color of that nature – DO IT.

If you are like me and like to dye your hair A LOT…then I hope you have a really good color treatable conditioner and shampoo. This hobby takes a lot out of your hair and it can get tricky sometimes. By having a conditioner and shampoo fit for your hair texture, color, and situation can go a long way. I had to bleach my hair to get the purple I wanted; and by having the right hair products, I have been able to keep my hair in a healthy state.

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