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Glitter Roots!

I have been planning this one for weeks and I finally got to try the popular and trending glitter roots! Glitter roots are perfect for festival season along with hiding your out-grown roots (oops). This trending hair accessory is a fun way to express yourself in an elaborate and unique way.

What you will need:

  1. Hairspray/Vaseline/Dry Shampoo
  2. Glitter of choice
  3. Sequins (optional)
  4. A brush or comb

Step 1: Part your hair neat enough so it is obvious you are working a glitter part. Your normal part may not be enough to highlight the glitter root’s full potential.

Step 2: Secure your hairdo! The best hairstyles I have seen matched with this trend is pigtails, fun buns, or a half up/half down combo. When I tried glittering my roots, I used bobby pins and a lot of hairspray which I do not usually do.

Step 3: Add hairspray, Vaseline, or dry shampoo in your part where you will be adding the glitter. Hairspray is probably your best bet; however, I used Vaseline to quickly add my glitter and it worked just fine!

Step 4: Apply the glitter to your roots while your part is still wet from the hairspray or Vaseline. I had someone dump glitter on my head and it stayed in my hair without an issue.

Step 5: For an added effect, you can strategically place larger sequins to your part on top of the glitter powder. Those placed slightly away from the face will have a longer durability throughout the day. Do not be afraid to mix colors and texture – the bolder the better!

Spoiler Alerts:

  1. Glitter will get everywhere, so be prepared to find it places you would never think of!
  2. Getting the glitter out will take SEVERAL hair washes. I still have glitter in my hair from this past weekend.

Are glitter roots extra? YES. However, they are super fun and give off a lot of personality! With Halloween coming up this month, it is the perfect time to give this trend a try without looking out of place. I will admit, I did go to the library with my glitter part and despite getting a few odd looks, I was totally fine and still looked AMAZING.

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