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Geometry, But Make It Fashion

Hey, everybody! With the changing of the seasons, many people tend to switch up their style; they swap out the white Converse for the black ankle boots and the crop tops for baggy sweaters. I do not. I wear most of my clothes year-round and, because of that, I value the weight of my clothes, probably to a fault. Today, I’m going to give you an example of some year-round fashion, and I’m gonna do it in the only way that I’m capable of: with excessively bright colors and patterns. As always, scroll a teensy bit to find the flat lay for this look, and my drawn-out thought process for putting the outfit together.

This ensemble is so simple, but it’s definitely one of my most striking looks. Clearly, the staple piece for this week is this crazy blouse that I found at Goodwill a couple of years ago. And here’s where the weight comes in! As I said, I wear my clothes all year, and outfits like this one, with long pants and long sleeves, need to be lightweight enough that I can sport them in both the cool and warm months. This blouse is thin and satiny, and that’s really helpful for year-round fashion. If it were colder, I would probably layer this with an oversized, olive green jacket.

Fortunately, the weather today was just right, and the outfit was ideal. Since that top is so overwhelming, it’s important to either keep that going all throughout the look or to keep it simple everywhere else. For the purpose of wearability, I went simple. As you can plainly see, I used some black jeans that you might remember from my very first post, “Trolls, But Make It Fashion.” I also decided to wear black dress shoes and some black fishnet ruffle socks, just to keep it interesting.

For the accessories, I used my go-to earrings: gold hoops. I thought these fit in well because of the modern-art feel of the top, as well as my plan for my hair and makeup. I wanted to slick my hair back, but unfortunately, I just washed my hair yesterday, and I couldn’t bear to wash it two days in a row. So, I pulled it back into a tight, low bun instead. For my makeup, I decided to keep these minimalistic, but bright. I didn’t use makeup on my face, and I feathered my eyebrows a bit for a natural look. Then, I drew on some thick, blue wings of eyeliner and painted my lips a nice, bright red.

All right, fellas! It’s that time again, and luckily I caught some wonderful lighting, so the final look actually appears quite nice this week! I hope you enjoyed this week’s rambling, and I hope that my cynicism wasn’t off-putting; I was in a zesty mood while writing. Anyway, I hope you guys learned something, or at the very least, had some fun. Enjoy!

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