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Fun in the Sun

Welcome back, everyone! As we’re all well aware by now, staying inside all day can make us go stir crazy. It’s really important to appreciate the outdoors during times like these to help improve your mental state.

If you’re already an outdoorsy person, this is a great time to take a day and go on a hike, and if you’re more of a beginner, this is a really amazing time to learn! You can start small and work up to some more challenging trails. The best part is, this is a fun, healthy activity that you can do with the people you are already quarantining with. You’ll get to go outside and get some exercise while still staying safe and responsible. 

Maybe you’re not one for hiking; there are still lots of ways to enjoy being outside. Once the weather gets warmer, you can simply lay in the sun and relax. Take your schoolwork outside, or read a book on your porch. Listen to your new favorite podcast and take a walk. This is a great time to get out and appreciate the natural surroundings in your area! 

Regardless of how you do it, getting outside — especially right now — is extremely important. Spending as much time in the sun as possible can really help improve your mood. Being in the sun helps your brain release serotonin which improves your mental health. Staying inside for long periods of time, which is especially tempting during all of this chaos, can worsen your mental state. So right now is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. 

Being in the sun can really improve your mental health. Go on a hike, go on a walk, or just sit outside for a few hours a day! While everyone is a little on edge and going stir crazy, remember how important it is to go outside. I hope everyone is washing their hands, staying safe, and going outside when they can!

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