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Four Fall Essentials For Your Lazy Day

It’s that time of year again Bobcats- the time where students are sick, overwhelmed and just overall over it. “Why do we have to go to class?” We ask ourselves these questions because, as college students, we are tired! But have no fear Bobcats, being lazy does not mean you have to look like a blobfish riding the waves to class everyday. In this article, we’ll guide you through the 4 fall, lazy day essentials for this upcoming season!

1. Dr. Jart Color Corrector

For people with redness in their skin, you’re in luck! Dr. Jart has created a rich formula color corrector that will freshen up your face before a long day of classes. By using this product, it will take the redness away from your face while leaving a bare complexion. This product is perfect for school days where you would much rather sleep in than get up to get ready! You can order this product from Sephora if it interests you.

2. Comfy pants

As we fall into the fall season, joggers are the way to go! With the feel of sweatpants and the look of leggings, they are the perfect lightweight formula for both chilling at home and on the go! We love to pair our joggers with a cropped shirt and gym shoes on days where jeans are just not an option. Joggers can be found at just about any store so you are able to find the right style for you.



3. Gym shoes and Birkenstocks

To complete your makeshift, lazy day look, you can pair your joggers with a pair of gym shoes or Birkenstocks. Referencing our previous post, you know that Birkenstocks are always my go-to, so of course they are included in this fall’s essentials! These shoes are comfortable and can be affordable as well! Mix and match your look to make it fit your style while not breaking your budget.

Another go-to for us is the Haven Adidas sneakers. They’re cute and comfy enough to keep your feet cozy on those long treks to class. 










Ever crave a late night snack? DP Dough is a calzone restaurant in the Athens area that caters to all of your snacking needs. You can order online for delivery or stop by their Athens location for a guaranteed good meal. For the ultimate DP Dough experience, we recommend trying the Buffer Zone and the BBQ Chicken Zone! Enjoy your meal 🙂

These four fall essentials are perfect for a lazy day in Athens, Ohio! Good luck on the rest of your semester, and remember that we are all in this together.


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