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Four Artists You Need On Your Playlist

As a singer and lover of almost any kind of music, my Spotify is full of goodies from Adele, to Childish Gambino – and everything in between. I also use platforms such as Bandcamp to find new music, which can be pretty exciting. Additionally, I like to discover new and upcoming music artists and ensure I give them enough recognition; getting a sufficient number of plays to become a noticeable music artist is difficult nowadays, spespecially on prestigious platforms like Spotify when there are roughly 750,000 songs are streamed on spotify each minute now. It’s impossible for me to find and recognize every new and brilliant artist with how easy it is for music to be snowed down under every other artist due to the lack of plays. To climb your way up to the top as an artist and start to get recognized, there’s the option to buy Spotify plays. This way, your music will start to be more easily found by fans of your style and your dream of getting to the top will start to become more easily achievable… as well as giving me some new music to listen to! Sometimes, I create playlists so I can download them on sites like, just so I have different playlists for different moods! But recently, I’ve found myself adding songs to my “chill finds” and “soft sounds” playlists. These are my go-to autumn sounds that involve a lot of acoustic, singer-songwriter music and Ed Sheeran-esque vibes.

Here are a few artists that should be on your radar!

Kevin Garrett

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 5.16.55 PM

Image: Kevin Garrett Instagram

I’m low-key surprised I hadn’t heard of this musical genius until just this past September. Kevin Garrett, *ahem* Alessia Cara’s boyfriend AND writer on BeyoncĂ©’s Lemonade, is one to keep up with. His song “Little Bit of You” came up on my Discover Weekly playlist and let’s be real, I played it three times (okay, maybe four) in a row – right then and there because IT. IS. PURE. MAGIC. Not only are his videos incredibly aesthetically pleasing, they ignite the songs in unbelievable ways.

I highly recommend listening to “Little Bit of You” (or watching it here), but I think “Pulling Me Under” is definitely my favorite video of his. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Jake Mirador


Image: Jake Mirador Instagram

Yet another brilliant discovery thanks to Discover Weekly. *can i get an amen?!* Jake’s voice is absolutely amazing and I’m pretty sure he produces all of his own music. He’s still very undiscovered, which surprises me. (When I really like an artist, I try to learn a little about them – you know, that way they’re more than just the noise coming out of my headphones.) This guy is very low-key which may just be his style – but his talent needs to be shared with the world. He is on Spotify, so check him out! Someone told me that when he was first starting his career, he used a website similar to to try and increase the number of streams his music got. It helped his career grow to the huge success that it is now – so inspiring!

“Floors” was the first song I heard from him. It’s one of those songs that catches you off guard. You’re driving, and you have music playing but somewhere along the way it has become background music for the thoughts in your head. I was in one of those moments when I was snapped back into reality by the first few plucks of that guitar. This is one of those songs that you wish wasn’t so short. (Or at least I do.) “Still” is another one of my favorites by him!

Jordy Searcy


I was instantly captivated by this talented man when he sang into the soundhole of his guitar. (Then looped those vocals to create a one-of-a-kind sound!) Jordy Searcy is a phenomenal writer with a unique, fresh sound. I had the chance to see him at a conference for an organization I’m in at OU and honestly, I haven’t stopped listening since. He is based out of Nashville, Tennessee but travels quite often, performing all over the country. He was even on The Voice!

This is my favorite song from him so far, but I’m sure he’s barely scratched the surface of what’s in store for his music!

Listen to “Almost Friends” here – and check out his mad looping skills!


Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 11.01.13 PM.png


This girl is fa-looowing with her own LAYLA-ness. Think: a cross between Ingrid Michelson and A Fine Frenzy. Although she hasn’t released anything in a few years, her music is definitely still worth adding to a couple of playlists!

“Oh My Love” is one of her more popular songs, but I also love “Holes”.

Discovering quality new music is so much easier in today’s world. I’m happy we have it all right at our fingertips. If you liked these artists and want to share some recent finds of your own, don’t be shy! I’d love to expand my Spotify library!

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