Five Thrifted Pieces

As those lovely autumn temperatures quickly approach, I’ve been revamping my wardrobe for the cold months to come. One of my favorite ways to affordably upgrade my closet is by thrifting. I’ve picked out five items that I’ve recently purchased at thrift stores that I can’t wait to wear this season!




This sheer blouse is perfect because it’s light enough for warmer days, but throw on a jacket and that’s all you’ll need for the breezy ones.

I LIVE for a good floral design. The negative space in the center makes this one especially unique and “fally”. The buttons are also covered by the fabric – a classy touch.

I found this one at St. Vincent DePaul in Cincinnati!






This simple piece definitely screams 90’s – but that’s what drew me to it! It’s a sweater so it’s great for fall, but the short sleeves make it wearable in just about any season.

It’s a bit oversized but – the bigger, the comfier – right? I really enjoy the stripe detail on the sleeves and the neckline, drawing the whole thing together.

I found this at New-to-You Thrift Shoppe in Athens!






I’m totally obsessed with this timeless piece! This army green flannel is sure to keep you warm on those chilly days. The color is PERFECT for autumn and I could definitely see this under a vest.

It’s from Merona – such a good find for thrifting!

I can’t wait to throw on some jeans under this for a comfy outfit this October!

Found at Goodwill in Cincinnati!






This adorable cotton dress just SCREAMS fall! I can’t wait to wear this with tights, boots and maybe even a scarf.

I’ve actually had this dress for a while, but I had to include it in this little collection because it’s on the top of my list for fav thrift store finds – and it’s going to be worn lots this season.

This little gem was tucked away at the Reuse Thrift Store in Athens!





I love this classy sheer blouse. Like I said, I’m a sucker for floral patterns so this was no exception. I particularly love the quaint, droopy bow on the front.

This is a piece that could be worn throughout the year, which makes it even better.

I actually found this at 10 WEST Clothing Co. on Union Street right here in Athens!




I hope I’ve inspired you to do a little treasure hunting yourself – maybe even stepping out of your comfort zone and into a thrift store! May your fall days be filled with cozy outfits and lots of pumpkin flavored treats!