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Five Apps to Promote Green Living!

Hello friends, and happy Saturday! I’ve recently discovered a couple of apps that make it really easy to live a greener lifestyle. Sometimes it’s difficult to know which products are made ethically and which aren’t. Here are a couple of amazing apps that you can download from the Apple or Google Play stores for FREE! Using these apps is of no cost to you, but they help make the planet a little cleaner each day.


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This app helps people pick out restaurants that are supplied by local and sustainable farmers. Greenease also lets you find restaurants that serve different dietary needs, like those that have gluten-free and vegan menus, for example.

Love Food Hate Waste

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This app is ideal if you’re trying to create a zero-waste kitchen. It helps you plan meals and use leftovers so that you’re not letting anything go to waste.


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This app connects people and the water that they use every day. The app helps you understand your water usage, get leak alerts, and save on your monthly water bill by 9% on average!

Good On You

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This is my favorite ethical fashion app! It gives you the power to check up on brand ratings according to how sustainable and eco-friendly their manufacturing and retail process is. This is one of the best ways to find ethical, sustainably-produced fashion brands!


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Ecosia is a search engine that takes the profit they make from each time we click an ad to plant a tree! Ecosia plants indigenous trees in areas where they are most needed. On average, they plant one tree per second!

Have a productive, relaxing weekend, and download some of these FREE apps to help you make those eco-friendly choices every day!

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