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Find Hope In Everything

First, as I write this, I have finished all of my exams, and I am officially done with school. It doesn’t feel like much of a celebration because of COVID-19, but the fact that I completed my first year is relieving. I know many of you are finishing up or even graduating and it feels like there’s no reason to celebrate. Don’t believe that. In times like these, you must find hope. You graduated, you finished up your school year, you worked hard. I know it’s not the traditional way to celebrate but it’s not forever. The fact that you made these accomplishments is important.

It’s scary times we’re living in and uncertainty is one of the worst feelings ever. In a world that seems hopeless, cling onto the things that make you happy or give you hope.

I always find myself looking at what I’m grateful for and what made me happy that day. In this storm of bad news, there are stories of people taking care of each other. No matter what, people will still find ways to look after one another. Keep remembering that. You can take care of your own friends as well, sending them treats or just checking in on them. Do what you can and spread that hope around. No matter how cliché or cheesy it may seem, it’s important and people appreciate the little things. Gestures go a long way.

I don’t know what the future holds, but until then, support each other. Spread love and hope. Life is quite a mess right now and some peace of mind is needed. The weather’s getting warmer, and summer is coming. Here’s to hoping for a social but safe summer!

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