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Feed the Soul: Instagram Accounts Every Foodie Needs to Follow

  1. @shutthekaleup

This food account speaks to my soul. If you are as passionate about eating sensational, flavorful, but also health-conscious and nutrient rich foods, then food blogger Jeannette Ogden is your girl. This badass, yoga-teaching mama will give you the best recipe inspiration that you can find. (Photos Provided by Shut The Kale Up)



2. @Infatuation

Trying to decide what you’re in the mood to eat tonight? Look no further, Infatuation will help you decipher which restaurant to go to and what food to eat, truly making your mouth drool of food envy. Cheesy, ooey-gooey, deep-fried carbs never looked so good. (Photos Provided by Infatuation)



3. @earthyandy

This foodie account is for all my vegan or vegan-wannabe friends. Andy is a Hawaii-based food blogger that aims to create all plant-based, sustainable, and local food-incorporated recipes for her and her family’s diet. You may not be fortunate enough to live on a tropical island, but you can easily recreate these recipes! You would be surprised at how delicious and colorful the plant-sourced lifestyle can be. (Photos Provided by Earthy Andy)



4. @BrunchBoys

Are you breakfast obsessed and constantly salivating over your next mid-morning meal? Well these boys have created by far the most appetizing and luscious array of brunch food pictures I have ever seen. From breakfast sandwiches stacked high to cinnamon roll burgers, these guys take the cake. (Photos Provided by Brunch Boys)



5. @symmetrybreakfast

Breakfast for two? We’ve got you covered. This beautifully arranged breakfast food account is the work of Michael Zee and his passion for cooking, in which he creates symmetrical meals right next to each other. The aesthetic appeal never fails to brighten my morning while I’m eagerly scrolling through Instagram, swooning over these deliciously plated foods. Go check it out for yourself! (Photos Provided by Symmetry Breakfast)



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